Brands of a Feather: We Live In Our Blundstones

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Brands of a Feather: We Live In Our Blundstones

"Being a brewer is far from glamorous. You gotta be willing to work hard and know that you’re working towards something great: that you’re creating something with your own two hands that everyone loves." 

- Aaron Dorff, JuneShine Brewer

Truth is, it's no accident JuneShine is as easy to sip as it is on the eyes. But there's a lot that goes into our booch before you get to the gorgeous can wraps and 'gram snaps.

Making hard booch is hard work! Long hours. Heavy lifting. Serious machinery. Mentally, you've got to have your head on straight. You've got to be dedicated to details and dead-on accurate. Physically, you've got to be ready to rock and you're going to need gear that can handle that harsh environment day in and day out. 

Juneshine founder enjoying a drink at the brewery

"A key part of our culture is taking the harder route on purpose because we know it's what's going to be better for the consumer and create more value for them, and a better experience.”

- Forrest Dein, JuneShine Co-Founder

Speaking of gear...Enter: Blundstone. At this point, they're pretty much the official, unofficial footwear in these parts. No signature collaboration... yet, (We can dream, right?) but cruise through the Ranch and look around. From marketing to maintenance, brewing to the back office, there's a good chance you'll see a number of our crew rocking their stylish stompers.

If you've ever owned a pair yourself, you know they're tough as nails and beyond comfortable. So when the Blundstone team caught wind of our little love affair this year, an immediate friendship was born. Booch & boots. 

Blundstone has been around for 150 years. We've been doing this for 3... But age ain't nothing but number, right? We've found their boots to be loyal companions to the experiences of life. From woods, to office to dinner without missing a step. The more you wear them, the more they become a part of you. 

On the brand level, we connect with mutual respect through a shared love for community, culture and transparency. One big thing that unites us all is passion.

It goes far beyond just making great products. It taps into the fact that everyone has something unique to bring to the table outside their job description that makes them who they are. That makes them good at what they do. 

Being that type of individual that has such a strong connection to anything and just has enjoyment of life to that level, when you come in here it applies. You’re spending a lot of your time here and that passion carries over.”

— Molly Ross, Production Manager

When shared, passion is pliable. It's liquid. It can spill over and seep into everything from work to play, in the best way. Endless eclectic experiences and expertise all around. Immense love for other activities, hobbies, past times. Surfing. Music. Running. Art. Hiking. Biking. You name it, it's all fair game.

We're honored the Blundstone team wanted shine a light on ours. Cheers to making things with meaning and having the most fun you can while doing it. 

junesine employees standing on the beach

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