JuneShine's focus has always been on people and the planet, and doing so with great transparency. In everything we do, we're committed to diversity, inclusion and accessibility for everyone, whether we're reaching them at home, at our tasting rooms or at our many retail partners. We are especially committed to making our website and home delivery process as accessible as possible.


Our website is maintained and audited regularly by our internal team and third-party accessibility consultants. These teams help us identify current issues and inspire new adjustments to further improve the accessibility of our site.


Our Current Accessibility Features
  • Title attributes are added to all link elements
  • Alternative text descriptions are added to all images, non-text content, video-only and audio-only content. Videos linked from YouTube contain closed captioning
  • Audio is not played automatically and captions are provided for all videos with audio.
  • Focus state is added to all CTA (Call to Action) elements
  • All testing and configuration is required to ensure compatibility with a screen reader and tabbable by keyboard
  • All elements are built for accessibility - Addition of a role attribute to major visual elements in order to describe them to screen readers
  • Font sizes can be zoomed up to 200%
  • No use of presentation that relies solely on color
  • Provide a ‘Skip to Content’ link
  • Use helpful and clear page titles
  • Page has a language assigned
  • Elements are labeled and instructions provided where needed


We will continue to improve our website and accessibility features, and will transparently explain those changes in the list above.


Contact JuneShine
For assistance purchasing JuneShine through our website or questions regarding the information we share, please call 858-800-6945 to reach our tasting room team. If you encounter any accessibility issues on our website, please email us at orders@juneshine.co so we can address them right away.
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