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Power to the Planet: JuneShine Commits to Become Carbon Neutral

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Power to the Planet: JuneShine Commits to Become Carbon Neutral

There’s no place like home.. and since ours is this planet, we believe in doing all we can to help save it. That's why we've officially committed to becoming Carbon Neutral by working on our Climate Neutral Certification—earned by businesses who offset their greenhouse gas emissions enough to leave no carbon footprint!

This Spring, we’ll be working with @beclimateneutral, an independent non-profit organization, to measure our collective 2020 carbon footprint, offset it in its entirety by purchasing qualified carbon credits and reduce our emissions.

Through Climate Neutral, we’re supporting 4 incredible sustainability project in order to reach this goal:

1. Working with Hudson Farms Improved Forestry Management to protect over 3,600 forest acres in northern New Jersey.


2. Working with Cool Effect to support Hawk Mountain—not only the world’s first refuge for birds of prey, but a CO2 sanctuary in South Eastern Pennsylvania.


3. Working with the Chestnut Mountain Preserve in Tennessee to conserve 5,686 acres on the Cumberland Plateau in the Appalachian Mountains which will sequester approximately 480,000 metric tonnes of carbon dioxide over the first 20-year crediting period.


4. Supporting May Ranch Grassland Protection to protect 14,546 acres of native grassland across the Great Plains. Millions of tonnes of CO2 are stored in plants and in the soil. By protecting this land from conversion to agricultural use, a rich ecological habitat is maintained.


One more forward step in our sustainability journey. We couldn't be more excited to bring you along for the ride. Together, we can tackle climate change.