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FRESH LINES: Laugh Master Cody Ko Shapes First Surfboard in Hawaii

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Cody Ko shaping a surfboard

What would the world be without humor? Honestly, not sure we even want to know the answer. Our best guess: boring as hell. Thankfully, comedy comes in all shapes these days and you can find it just about everywhere. 

Enter Cody Ko—actor/comedian/YouTuber/podcaster and all-around internet wizard. Cody is most known for his YouTube Channel, but in true anti-influencer fashion actually blew up with a series called "That's Cringe", which exposed the whole Instagram v. Reality dilemma before that was even a thing. 

Cody Ko smiling while on his phone

These days, Cody speaks in several podcasts and makes comedy videos on the regular as full-time living. But save your assumptions. The guy went to Duke and majored in computer science for crying out loud. Oh, he is different different.

"But JuneShine, sitting around a computer all day and filming yourself isn't exactly the healthiest lifestyle...." 

Look, we won't disagree as it's certainly true for most, but not Cody. He's got a steady penchant for staying active—living an honest, healthy lifestyle. The guy is always on the move.

At the end of the day, we love Cody because he's more than just a funny man in a barrel full of belly laughs. Wow, sorry—that wasn't meant to be a terrible surf pun, we promise. But he really does love getting away from screens and into the ocean. Surfing is the original Airplane Mode and his approach commitment is refreshing—always filled with the kind of stoke that's more contagious than you-know-what... 

So, when we found out he'd never been to Oahu's famed North Shore, we had to fly him out link him up with the FRESH LINES posse for some booch-infused antics. Crack one and dive in—



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