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Catch Him If You Can: A Quick Chat with Goth Babe

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Meet Goth Babe—a.k.a Griff Washburn enjoying himself. Originally from Tennessee, Griff has called many places home. Some for years, others for hours. He's a road dog with a road dog. When he's not touring, Griff and Sadie are off enjoying the outdoors in the great Pacific Northwest. Chasing powder days, sliding tides, and trekking trails are plenty to occupy them in their offseason.

But the offseason is over! It's time to get back out there. We caught up with the JuneShine ambassador just before he did. Enjoy!

JuneShine: Favorite thing you did this summer?

GB: This summer I got the chance to go to San Diego to skate, surf, and hangout with some of the raddest folks around.

Saw you’re making some new tunes on the road… Without giving away any too secret secrets, what’s your creative process like these days?

I find a cozy place to park for the night, pull out my computer and keyboard, and attempt to write something I enjoy. I’ve been in Southern California this summer, so the tracks are as summery and sandy as they can get.

Tell us about “Casita”. What inspired that track?

Casita is a track I wrote while I was staying in my friend Reed’s little casita in Encinitas. Sometimes my friends will offer their pad as a sort of break from my camper, and I get the chance to really spread out and write for a week or so. The track is about getting some sunshine after a long long long Oregon winter.

What are you most looking forward to on the road / tour this fall?

I’m really pumped to see my fans again. They really inspire me to write every day of the week. I also am pumped to thrash around on stage like a madman.

What’s one saying / mantra / quote you've been going back to lately?

Everything is temporary. Whether that be feelings, illness, possessions, even life itself. Helps me not sweat the crummy parts of my life at the moment.

Funniest thing Sadie’s done this week?

She got sprayed by a skunk…. What a long night of bathing her that was. My camper still reeks.

One thing you can’t live without on the road / roaming around.

My swim trunks! Cold water ocean dips or hot springs in the Sierras, ya gots to have the swimmies!


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