"A Blog? What is this...2002?"

Hard Kombucha. Easy Reading.

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Hard Kombucha. Easy Reading.

Welcome to the JuneShine Blog—a digital dance floor designed to dive even deeper into this beautiful journey we’re on together. 

You’re probably thinking… a Blog? What is this...2002?

Technically, no… but those were some fun times. * sigh * 

It’s actually February 25th, 2021—and we’re nearly 3 years into our mission of making honest alcohol for a healthier planet.

In that time, we’ve done some things! We’ve launched a slew of signature flavors, blossomed into a big ol’ brewery, tapped into tasting rooms, cultivated a community, traveled endlessly (but also worked from home way too much), and somehow—by the grace of the booch gods—we've even made it to doorsteps around the country. Phew! So much has happened. So much is happening as we speak. 

Cruise this corner of the Interweb and you can expect to learn more about our world and all its inner workings. From updates on sustainability efforts to deeper dives with ambassadors, behind-the-scenes entertainment to good ol’ fashioned booch education and more. 

Let’s have some fun, shall we?

Stay tuned—