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Hippie Juice: Comedian Cody Ko Unveils Delicious Signature JuneShine Flavor

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Hippie Juice: Comedian Cody Ko Unveils Delicious Signature JuneShine Flavor

JuneShine fam, meet Cody Ko—the brains behind a little thing we call Hippie Juice. This joyous batch of booch is the fourth release in our Passion Project Series—a collection of limited-edition hard kombucha flavors inspired by our co-owner ambassadors.

A refreshing product shot of JuneShine's Hippie Juice

Who is Cody? Getcha Google on and you'll quickly discover his fun-hogging footprint spans far and wide. Canada-born but Venice-based, Cody is an actor, comedian, YouTuber, podcaster, SoundCloud rapper and all-around internet bad boy. Currently, you can find Cody slinging his signature style on several podcasts and racking up millions of views in all sorts of laugh-inducing shorts on YouTube.

Collectively, we've been fans of Cody's world for a long time. So when the opportunity came about to make him an official JuneShine co-owner ambassador, we just couldn't say no. Cody's been hyped to make his own signature JuneShine flavor since the jump.   

Cody Ko Drinking JuneShine Hippie Juice

I really just love JuneShine as a company and everyone that works there. It’s a great group of people and you can feel that through the branding and the lifestyle it represents. When they approached me about doing my own flavor, I tried to play it cool but I couldn’t really say yes fast enough... Having my own flavor of my favorite drink is one of the coolest things that has happened in my career thus far and I just can’t wait for people to have these in their hands. Drink 500 of them—Responsibly of course.” - Cody Ko

So, yeah—Hippie Juice. Think peace, love and happiness with a modern twist. Groovy? Absolutely. This psychedelic summer staple features real, organic yumberry, strawberry, and juicy lemon. 

Now, we know what you're thinking... Yumberry? Did we just invent some random fruit and call it a day. Negative. It's a real thing. Spoiler alert: It's basically an exotic strawberry. And it's delicious. 

 To help bring this whole thing to life, Cody enlisted the artistic talents of Kevin Circosta. Kevin, in case you're unfamiliar, is the mastermind behind Free & Easy—a colorful, casual clothing brand taking over the world.

To celebrate this joyous, juicy union, we've teamed up to release a few limited edition goods and you can cop the drop here.

Hippie Juice Clothing Items from Free and Easy

You can find Hippie Juice in stores now or order online for home delivery while supplies last. 

Sip! Don’t trip.