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JuneShine Home Delivery Ends Starting 9/28/22

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JuneShine Home Delivery Ends Starting 9/28/22
We’re writing to let you know that starting September 28th 2022, we’re no longer offering online ordering and home delivery directly via our website.

We know this is a big change for our loyal home delivery customers, but we're looking forward to getting deliciously cold JuneShine on more shelves at stores, restaurants, venues, and bars, than ever before. With sustainability as a core focus of our brand and the drastic increase in inflation and shipping costs, we no longer can provide a home delivery business that meets our sustainability standards.

We’re incredibly grateful to have gotten the opportunity to brighten up the last two years by delivering JuneShine directly to your doorstep and to get to know our customers in a way that stores, restaurants, and bars just can’t match. You’re the reason we’re still here today, making not just more booch, but also our new canned cocktails.

Don’t worry, there’s good news: We’re giving you 30% off all hard kombucha with code BOOCH30. You have until Sept 28, 2022 to order as much booch as UPS can fit in their trucks.

If you’re not feeling like ordering a truckload of JuneShine in the next month, you can just grab JuneShine at a store near you.

Thanks again for the last two years, and we look forward to seeing you all back out in the world sipping JuneShine in your favorite local spot.


Greg & Forrest


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