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Welcome to the best month of the year! Not just because we were founded in June or because "June" is literally part of our name, but because...well—actually, it's both of those things. So yeah...

THE SUMMER OF JUNE—a joyous celebration of all things peace, love, connection, refreshing energies and of course, JuneShine! Get on the booch bus, because starting this month, we’re going big. Real big. It’s officially time to get up, let your hair down, express yourself and live passionately.

"Cool story, JuneShine... But what does that even mean? What are you guys actually doing?" 

Glad you asked! Ready?

1. Events are back and better than ever!
Yep. It's really happening. This month, Team JuneShine has organized a dizzying but delightful array of events in LA, NY, Chicago, Austin, Denver, Phoenix, San Diego, and more. With the world looking to flip its way right-side-up for the first time in what feels like forever, we're excited to reconvene and reconnect—safely and comfortably.

2. We're celebrating JuneShine's 3rd Birthday!
JuneShine is totally turning another year older. So we're throwing ourselves not one, but two birthday parties this month. First, at The Ranch (6/25), and a second one at our newest tasting room in Santa Monica (6/26). We'll have Paloma on tap, indigo dying, chain-stitching, live tunes and more. Mark your calendars if you're in Southern California.

3. JuneShine is going to Pay Your Rent.
Facts. We're running a glorious new sweepstakes this summer—paying one lucky winner's rent for the entire summer season. Now's the time to follow your heart and do what you love—with the people you love. Last thing you need is boring ol' bills holding you back. So we're picking up that tenant tab! 100 runner-ups will receive custom JuneShine gear. It's LIVE on the low, so the fact that you've taken the time to read this post means you can be among the first to be to enter. Our way of saying, thanks for coming! Click here if you're chomping at the bit to enter.

4. We've got new merch coming....
No spoilers just yet, but like—Get ready. 

5. We've got promos galore with your favorite bars & restaurants!
From deals like "Buy JuneShine, get a free pint of Jeni's ice cream" to "5% of sales in Arizona go to the Arizona Trail Association", the crew here has been hard at work to help hook it up. After all, summer should be easy—especially this summer. 


Phew! Might need a nap after all that. JK— *cracks open Grapefruit Paloma instead * We couldn't be more excited to mix it up with you all once again—especially in person. It's been way too long.

"Amazing. But what's the best way to find out which events and things are happening near me...and when?

Simply bookmark and refer to the JuneShine UPCOMING EVENTS page. That's your 1-Stop-Shop for all things Events. With over 50 (and counting) loaded in there, they're plenty to look thru. There you can filter by location and date to find haps in your hood. 

Be sure to follow us on Instagram if you're not already. The JuneShine Stories will have flyers and real-time intel going out on the daily.