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What Does Kombucha Taste Like?

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What Does Kombucha Taste Like?

Kombucha is a fermented tea, and it’s pretty much our favorite drink. For over 2,000 years, booch has been boosting energy levels and supporting digestive health, tasting incredible the whole time. 

This drink is filled with probiotics and antioxidants. It also provides many of the same effects as green tea, which is widely regarded as a superfood.

Originally from China, kombucha has found its way to consumers worldwide. It spread to Japan and Russia before traveling to Europe. 

Kombucha wasn’t for the ancients, though. Walk into any grocery store, and you’ll find traditional kombucha lining the shelves. Sure, it has a ton of benefits, but people aren’t just drinking it for the possible health factor. After all, wheatgrass and spinach juice isn’t exactly flying off the shelf, even though it’s pretty darn good for you.  

This probiotic tea is tart, fruity, and fizzy. Not as sweet as soda but with a lot more oomph than (regular) seltzer, booch is the carbonated refreshment that you’ve been searching for. On top of that, it can be flavored with fruits and spices for a totally unique taste. 

Traditional kombucha gets a bad rap for being an acquired taste, but the right kombucha will go down smooth and easy, with the perfect amount of dryness. 

Let’s Talk Texture: Carbonation

When kombucha first touches your tongue, you’ll feel a tingly sensation, thanks to the carbonation created during fermentation. 

Kombucha is made from tea, honey, bacteria, and yeast. During fermentation, the bacteria and yeast snack on the honey and then release carbon dioxide.  

Kombucha is made in two separate fermentation processes. In the second fermentation, the kombucha is flavored, bottled, then stored in a dark space. This is when the bubbles come out to play. 

Dry, Tart, and Refreshing

These days, so many drinks are over-the-top, artificially sweet. To that, we say, “no thanks.” Give us a drier, more complex combo over a sickly sweet drink any day.

Most people would agree that kombucha is quite dry and tart, but in the best possible way. 

This dry flavor is accentuated by traditional kombucha’s light alcohol content. Though it’s not enough to get you buzzed, it is enough to contribute to the taste. That all changes when you choose a kombucha that’s hard on purpose, thanks to a double fermentation process.


This drink provides so many flavors that it’s difficult to choose which one stands out the most, especially when you start considering all the delicious flavors to choose from. 

Before you get to tasting, take a moment to smell your kombucha. Put your bottle (or can) up to your nose, stirring it around gently. Inhale the melody of aromas it unveils, and see what notes you can identify.

Once you take a sip, you’ll understand exactly what we mean by complexity. It’s tart, a bit sweet, and dry, all in one. If you’ve chosen a quality kombucha with fun flavorings, maybe something like Iced Tea Lemonade or Blood Orange Mint, you’ll be able to taste the botanicals and fruits used to add a little oomph. 

Kombucha Tastes Like Your New Drink of Choice

While some people get down on the taste of kombucha, we’re of the opinion that they just haven’t tried the right kind yet. 

Try swapping standard kombucha out for your daily Starbucks run. It contains less sugar, with the same energy-boosting effects, or use it for the perfect afternoon pick-me-up.  

You can also kick back with a can of Grapefruit Paloma or Hopical Citrus the next time you’re at a BBQ if you’re looking for something harder. Explore all the flavor options here


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