Booch Tip no. 368

If you can't find the alien on the can, maybe take a break...

Crazy Refreshing: JuneShine & Whitney Cummings Release Prickly Pear Margarita

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Whitney Cummings Drinking JuneShine

Introducing a new signature JuneShine flavor from co-owner ambassador Whitney Cummings. Yes, the cactus is officially out of the bag.

This crazy refreshing batch of hard kombucha is brewed with organic prickly pear, tangerine, lime, and spiced-up with a pinch of ancho chile and sea salt—making it the perfect adult beverage, whether you’re sitting on a beach or storming Area 51.

For those not familiar, Whitney is a renowned writer, producer, actress, comedian, filmmaker, podcaster, and booch lover—not to mention, one of our favorite people on the planet. Turns out, she's been a big fan of the 'Shine for a minute, originally discovering our goods on her own. Love at first sip, as they say. Fast forward a few months to June 2021 and we're inking deals and dreaming up signature flavors... 

For this one, Whitney was craving something that paid homage to the best of the southwest, but in a way hard kombucha had ever done before. The goal: something citrusy, slightly smokey, with the right pinch of sweetness. Outta this world deliciousness. 

With the flavor dialed, we sought out renowned artist Jeff McMillan to bring it all to life visually. Enter a gorgeous array of illustrated desert elements—rolling pastel hills, casual coyotes, lurking lizards, a cheeky horse (of course), and a little green man to bring it all home. 

JuneShine Prickly Pear Margarita Cans

Speaking of home—This one's officially available nationwide. You can find 16oz cans in stores near you or order online and get a box shipped directly to your door. The only question is, what are you waiting for? 

Get your hands on Prickly Pear Margarita RIGHT HERE