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Hard-Earned Hardware: JuneShine Wins Whole Foods "Supplier of the Year" Award

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Hard-Earned Hardware: JuneShine Wins Whole Foods "Supplier of the Year" Award

Any Whole Foods Market fans out there? Us too!

This week, JuneShine was recognized as a Whole Foods tenth-annual Supplier of the Year in the newcomer category—Rookie of the Year for 2021.

Since our start, we’ve always been so inspired by the Whole Foods way. Thanks to some mighty teams on both sides, we’ve been hard at work, hand-in-hand—helping raise the industry bar for quality, innovation, and social responsibility.

We've always loved wandering their isles and seeing all the incredible brands they have curated over the years. The lack of truly transparent brands in the alcohol aisle was one of JuneShine’s biggest inspirations. We love how committed Whole Foods is to transparency, quality, and sustainability. 

These awards recognize brands that exemplify the Whole Foods mission and values—from Outstanding Innovation to Environmental Stewardship, Purpose Driven Empowerment, and the top of the crop, Supplier of the Year.

“We’re incredibly proud to showcase the exceptional achievements of our suppliers who work so hard to serve our customers and support our mission,” said Sonya Gafsi Oblisk, Chief Marketing & Communications Officer at Whole Foods Market. “Our suppliers are essential to our business. On this tenth anniversary of the awards program, we are particularly grateful for the partnership and dedication of this extraordinary group...”

Kinda fun, huh? Truth is, we couldn’t be more honored to have received this award—and can't wait to see what our future holds.

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Got a Whole Foods near you? Find JuneShine in their cold box in 350+ doors nationwide. Keep an eye out for Mango Daydream and Diplo's Permanent Vacation on the floor this June and more goodness dropping in July.