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Cheers: JuneShine Celebrates International Women's Month

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Cheers: JuneShine Celebrates International Women's Month

It’s International Women’s Month, and we want to show gratitude for all the incredible women at JuneShine. Every day, their hard work makes us a leader in delicious, better-for-you alcohol. From brewing to accounting, sales to boochtending—these women really do put the shine in JuneShine.

To celebrate, we asked what makes their teammates so incredible.

Elizabeth I: On my first trip to San Diego for JuneShine, I stopped by North Park and Emma ran up to me and hugged me even though we had never met in person. She was one of the first people I talked to on the phone when she was in Austin and I had just taken the Southwest NAM job so being greeted like that and meeting someone that I had been talking to virtually since my first day in person was a memorable moment for me.  She immediately got the whole table a round of Chili Mango's to cheers to me being out there. It instantly made me feel like a part of the team. 

Melissa N: Adelle has been an incredible support day after day. Everything from being a sounding board, email spell checker, to my afternoon office-dance partner. In 2020, when Adelle learned about a career leap I wanted to ask for, she shared a manifestation exercise with me that help me clarify my vision and build my confidence. Within the year, I not only made the ask, but made the internal leap. She’s a true champion of our people-first core value at JuneShine and I make no exaggeration when I say JuneShine is better because of Adelle. 

Jamie F: Being based in NYC, sometimes I feel a little disconnected from the team in California. It meant so much to me that Annie came out East to help me during our biggest event of the year at Gov Ball. It was a blast and made me feel so supported. 

Jamie G: I'll never forget my first time working with Taj! I was so drawn to her determination, poise, and overall sparkle! When I think of a bad ass, I'll forever think of Taj. She gets the job done and I am forever grateful to tackle obstacles with her on our side!

Bianca C: A time where I have felt supported by other women at JuneShine is when I went to Central Cal with Mimi and Tarah. I was out of my usual territory and not used to the central cal accounts and market but I felt so comfortable with these gals by my side! They explained and showed me more of how sales operations are run and we also put on an epic event in SLO. 

Adelle H: When there’s an opportunity to expand even more fully into my potential, Melissa encourages me to trust in my experience and use my voice with conviction when the moment calls for it. It always makes me better, no matter the outcome. 

Chloe T: My second week at JuneShine was the bi-annual sales & marketing meeting. Still being new to the team and not knowing 99% of the people in the room, I was so thankful for Emma and Natalie, who both went out of their way to make me feel included and accepted. They welcomed me to join their carpool to the event, introduced me to new team members, and even got ready with me for the annual party - I was (and still am) grateful to have them!

Olivia M: During my second week here Darrel left on paternity leave and then we started my first month-end close, I felt like I was more of a bother than helping anyone. Jamie (from accounting) made sure to take the time to thank me for my help. It was a small gesture but really boosted my morale and helped combat the imposter syndrome that was setting in. 

Mimi M: Tarah is such a supportive and generous teammate. She is always going the extra mile to help our Sales Team, and she brings POSITIVITY everywhere she goes - which keeps us motivated like rocket fuel!  

Bridget B: I'm so grateful to sit next to Olivia in the office. She is such a gentle, kind soul and is always willing to lend a listening ear. She has been a soundboard and offered me advice on numerous occasions, both work and personal related. I appreciate you, Olivia! 

Heather R: Jamie has always been there for me, sometimes when I don’t even need to ask. As a sounding board when I’m struggling with something, someone to vent to when I’ve had a bad day, and of course, as the person I most love to celebrate with for all the big (and small) things. 

Kelly N: Being a newer employee here at JuneShine, I've been welcomed in with nothing but positivity and enthusiasm by Adelle, and she really helped fuel my excitement from the beginning. Even on stressful days, she's stopped by at just the right time to give the office that extra boost of energy to keep our spirits up! She even cheered me into the office one morning while I was on my way to work... hands down the world's best JuneShine cheerleader! 

Christina A: I wanted to share my appreciation for Natalie. She has always offered a helping hand whenever I needed help and always supported any of the events I had going on. We were connected at the hip when I was in San Diego. Because of Juneshine, I met Natalie and she has become one of my best friends over the years. So grateful for a gal pal like her! 

Quinn B: Natalie, Kelley, and Elizabeth: All are always willing and able to answer a question, take a call, and collaborate on ideas. Invaluable support when we’re all in different states! 

Taj P: Adelle is the rock of JuneShine. She is the go-to for anything and everything. Her optimism, drive, and overall bad-assery is what makes JuneShine just that much brighter.

Shey W: Morgan has been such a big part of my experience at Juneshine, having her teach me so many things when it comes to the importance of our product. She always has a positive outcome of any situation and watching her accomplish such a huge step with our RTD is extremely influential. 

Chelsea T: Molly has taught me what a strong woman in our industry looks like.  She leads by example, supports everyone on our team, & always gives 110% to the cause.  She has supported my growth in all things production & has taught me to forge ahead, no matter how busy we are.  She really does exemplify the best of JuneShine & without a doubt, elevates those around her. 

Hannah G: Tajayd gave me a kind and warm welcome to the JuneShine team. Before I had gotten my job offer she went out of her way and hopped on a call with me- telling me about her experience with working with JuneShine, encouraging me, and already making me feel like I would be valued as a team member. 

June C: Holly in customer care is the perfect example of a bada** woman doing it all.  On top of raising two little girls, she is an amazing teammate and has always been someone I can rely on.  She cares about our customers and she is always going the extra mile to make our customers happy!

Today—and every day—we raise a glass to those who kick ass... Cheers!