About Kimmi +

Freediving Underwater Huntress

Maui, Hawaii

Maui’s Kimi Werner is an international champion freediver and spearfisher, conservationist, certified culinary chef, artist, and frequent host on the show, Nat Geo People. She also starred in Patagonia's film Fish People

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About Sage +

Sage is a snowboarder's snowboarder.

He won Olympic gold in slopestyle at the 2014 Sochi Games, where he used style and creativity to best a triple-corking men's field. It was a surprise to everyone – including Sage, who simply wants to snowboard on his own terms – and quickly established Sage as the exciting new face of snowboarding.Kotsenburg is at the forefront of a movement to focus on creativity and style and not just the biggest spins. His skills on the slope make you want to ride with him, and his unabashed candor make you want to be his friend.

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About Albee +

Professional Big Wave Surfer and Aerial Innovator

Maui, Hawaii / San Diego, California

"They say there are no absolutes in life; but we beg to differ. Albee Layer is 100 percent, without doubt, one of the baddest, most well-rounded surfers walking the Earth. There’s arguably not another soul on his level at this very moment." (The Inertia).

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About Nora +

Professional Skateboarder

Pembroke, Mass / Oceanside, San Diego

In June 2012, Nora Vasconcellos quit her day job, packed her bags, grabbed her skateboard and took a 71-hour train ride from Pembroke, Massachusetts to California. In less than five years, Vasconcellos became a pro team rider for Welcome Skateboards, won a World Championship, won Transworld’s Readers’ Choice Female Award and joined the Adidas’ skateboarding team.

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About Chris +

Professional Free Skier

Mammoth Lakes, California

Chris, a California native grew up skiing Mammoth Mountain, which was home to one of the first snowboard parks in the Nation. By virtue of his surroundings and peers he was heavily influenced by snowboarding and art, which seemed to shape him into one of the more stylish skiers out there. He quickly bailed on the contest scene and started chasing his true passion; deep snow and creativity. Now Chris is known for traveling the world and skiing in front of a camera. Jokingly tormented during the summer for his passion for surfing and love of climbing, he tries to stay close to home in California as much as possible where he is at peace in the mountains and in striking distance to the sea.

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About Corey +

Pacific City, Oregon

At 19-years-old, Corey dropped out of college in Eugene, Oregon, grabbed his guitar, and relocated to an eternal haven for creatives of all kinds: Venice Beach, CA. His debut EP garnered widespread acclaim from Rolling Stone and Billboard and he toured with the likes of Niall Horan, Noah Kahan, and Justin Bieber. “I’d love to inspire others to have a voice of their own and be themselves,” he leaves off. “Music did that for me. I feel like I have the opportunity to hopefully do the same thing for listeners.”

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About Kimmy

Professional Snowboarder

Mammoth Lakes, California


Kimmy learned to love the snow early – skiing at age 2 and snowboarding by age 9. She quickly found that her fearless approach to life fit perfectly with her passion for snowboarding. In 2011, Kimmy became the first female snowboarder ever to land a double backflip in both the park and the powder, a landmark achievement in the history of women’s riding. Kimmy has continued to push the levels of women’s freestyle riding in the backcountry and in August of 2012 graced the cover of Transworld Snowboarding Magainze. She was awarded Women’s Rider of the Year and Women’s Video Part of the Year in 2017 by Snowboarder Magazine. She is a vocal ambassador for Boarding For Breast Cancer and Protect Our Winters.

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About Leah+

Intersectional Environmentalist

Southern California


Why is sustainability and/or transparency important to you? How do you live these values?Sustainability is important to me because I want there to be a hospitable planet for future generations to not only live on, but to thrive. The earth provides so many spaces for us to recreate, heal and adventure and I feel the very least we can do in return is protect it. I try to live these values by minimizing my environmental footprint as much as I can, shopping sustainably and being an advocate for a greener future.

Why JuneShine as opposed to other alcohols/brands?

It's better for the planet and for my body. I love the ingredients, taste and dedication to the planet. It also doesn't hurt that the cans are so cute!

When do you feel most alive?

I feel the most alive when I get to stand up against something that I view as an injustice to people or the planet. I get so fired up about social and environmental justice and I've felt most alive at protests and when I get to put my activist hat on.


About Ben +

Pacific City, Oregon

Ben Moon is a photographer turned filmmaker who has brought to life subjects and stories in the adventure, lifestyle and music world. Ben's work has graced the pages of Patagonia catalogues for the past 16 years and he seeks to capture the beauty and authenticity of individuals in diverse landscapes around the world. He also founded a production company called Moonhouse as a platform to collaborate with friends & creatives to bring thoughtful stories to life. Most recently, he told his deeply personal story about his own battle with colorectal cancer & his relationship with his dog Denali, in a short film that has reached over 15 million people and counting. Ben now lives in Pacific City on the Oregon coast, where he continues to direct films & shoot photographs while writing a personal memoir about his journey with cancer and his time with Denali.

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About Corina +

Small Wave Connoisseur

Central Coast, CA

Corina rose is a surfer, photographer, artist and lifestyle ambassador who hails from california’s central coast. her roots lie deep in rural areas that are rich with open expanses of land & bordered by deep, unruly seas. it is from these places which she draws much of her artistic and personal inspiration, and which play an intrinsic role in her aesthetic and creative approach.


About Adam +

Story Teller / Photographer

Time Traveler / People Hugger

Human Cowbell

Huntington Beach, California

Adam Walker is a story teller, photographer, time traveler, people hugger, also known as the human cowbell. You may recognize his voice from our short films. If you were stuck on an island for the rest of your life you would 100% want Adam there to keep the vibes positive and the smiles flowing.

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About Kiana +


Kauai, Hawaii


Surfer, Long boarder, ocean enthusiast, yogini, ambassador of aloha, ukulele player, adventurer

Mantra: Pursue what you love and the rest will follow.

If I could have a super power it would be to breathe underwater


About Hank +

Professional Surfer

Hana, Maui

Surf, travel, freedive, bees, farm, forage, live sustainably, take photos and have as much fun as possible. Hank is an all around waterman, adventurer and urban farmer.

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About Lex +


This is my life's work: communicating the fleeting moments of travel, immersion in nature, and the freedom of a minimalist lifestyle. As a Creative Director working with the mediums of photography, fashion, surfing, and storytelling, I aim to share not only my experiences, but the products, destinations, and spiritual mediums promoting connection and consciousness. Every moment of every day is an opportunity to choose to live as our highest selves.

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About Orion +

San Diego, California

“Now is not forever,” is one of Orion Owen's new favorite quotes. The photographer/filmmaker suffered a tragic accident that left him in a wheel chair just two years ago, and yet, Orion still continues to produce amazing aerial content with his unique vision.

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About Lexi +

Professional Free Skier


Ojai, California

Lexi duPont is a professional skier, adventurer and outdoor enthusiast. The Sun Valley native donned her first skis at the age of two, focusing initially on ski racing before catapulting into the world of big-mountain skiing. Her career has been marked with notable first descents in the Arctic Circle’s Northernmost Tip of Svalbard Norway and across Southeast Alaska, as well as starring roles in ski films, including Warren miller’s Wintervention and the all-female documentary Pretty Faces. When she’s not chasing powder, Lexi can be found sailing, surfing, climbing, practicing yoga or relaxing in her 500-square-foot geodesic tiny home.

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About Jarett +

Oregon Coast

Born and bred in a place where the mountains meet the sea, my work is heavily inspired and driven by the natural landscape and beauty that this planet has to offer. Growing up as a commercial fishing guide's son, my love and respect for the ocean have always played a role in my life as well as my images. From fishing in the clear streams of the mountains to surfing icy cold waves, I want my images to reflect the incredible moments and memories that these places provide.

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About Vivian +


Los Angeles, California

Vivian Kim is a photographer based in Southern California, though she loves to travel and can often be found elsewhere. She is inspired by the simple, yet intricate beauty of the natural world and strives to create timeless and compelling images. Beyond photography, she loves to surf, camp, and hang out with her Aussie!

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About Lily +

Maui, Hawaii

"Singer-songwriter Lily Meola may not be a household name — yet — but the fact that she has already toured and performed with Willie Nelson, and also sung with Kris Kristofferson and Jamey Johnson is impressive." (Rolling Stone)

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About Maryah +

Plant Doctor & Consultant


Why is sustainability and/or transparency important to you? How do you live these values?Sustainability in particular is something that drives my passion of teaching. I often feel as though sustainability is targeted towards common acts like recycling, eliminating waste and engaging others to take on these same practices. However, I see my role as a citizen and business owner to continue educating people on the ways in which sustainability is a subject that is primarily taught and upheld in non-Black spaces. My goal is to continue holding brands and people accountable for the work that they do in creating a sustainably focused world while also ensuring that persons of every race and economic class have access to the education necessary to carry this out. It is impossible to envision a sustainable world if only few are afforded the opportunity of emitting zero-waste, becoming vegan or using reusable bags. Until brands and companies are more transparent about their goal towards economic and racial environmentalism, sustainability can only be a starting point for us all. I look forward to continuing learning and teaching others about these values.

Why JuneShine as opposed to other alcohols/brands?

It’s pretty rare that something tastes as good as it is good for you. I was on the fence about Kombucha until I tasted Juneshine. It reinvented the idea of cracking open a can or bottle on a summer day, for me. I don’t have any hesitations about having a solo drink alone knowing that I deserve a cold spiked drink at the end of a long work day. JuneShine does a great job of making it known that they care about what you’re putting in your body as much as you do and I find that that’s very rare for a large company. P.S. The Blood Orange Mint is a game changer. It’s my favorite drink to bring to a bbq or party because I love the look on people’s faces when they try it for the first time!

When do you feel most alive?

I feel most alive when I’m spending uninterrupted time with my mother. Since we’re so close in age and on the same academic career path, I find that one of the things I’ve enjoyed most since coming into adulthood is sitting on our porch and talking about life with a cold drink. It might sound cheesy to have a drink with your mom but everything I do from my work with plants, grad school to starting my own business means nothing without my mom’s support. I feel most alive when we’re both relaxed and sharing a moment together because it puts my journey into perspective for me. It reminds me that I am where I am because of the sacrifices she made when she was my age. I began my career at 24 which is the same year that she had me. Thus, I’m constantly reminded of how much my work is a luxury and a direct reflection of her love for me.


About Hilary +

Bee Keeper - Girl Next Door Honey

San Diego, California

Hilary Kearney's, Girl Next Door Honey, is more than just raw and local, it’s made in backyard hives—maybe even your neighbor’s yard! That’s the concept behind Girl Next Door Honey. We integrate bees into the local ecosystem through a network of backyard hives instead of lumping them together on some distant apiary. We like to think of it as pollinating hearts and minds.

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About Chris +

Filmmaker / Crafstman


North Shore, Oahu

Chris Miyashiro is a young filmmaker, craftsman, and board rider from the North Shore of Oahu. His debut film In Dancing Days of Dawn offers a timeless glimpse into "mowgli’s mirthful memoirs"

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About Dan +



Dan Norkunas is an award winning filmmaker and co-founder of Take Shelter Productions. His film, 'Nervous Laughter,' won 'documentary of the year' at the 2017 Surfer Poll Awards. Dan splits his time between Maui and Oregon chasing swells and snow storms with some of the best athletes in the world. His 2014 film, Attractive Distractions, is now a classic in the free surfing community.

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About Mark +



Mark McInnis is a photographer working chiefly in America’s Pacific Northwest. He’s known for bringing the natural beauty of the country’s upper left-hand corner to a wide range of clients and projects; with decades invested in the region Mark delivers the moods, emotions and landscapes of the Pacific frontier in a way few others can. His work shows the character of a still-unspoiled American territory, out of respect for which his subjects are unlabeled, tracks are covered and he mostly travels alone.

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About Bruna +


Bruna was born and raised in Brazil. At the age of 9, she discovered surfing and instantly, her mad love affair with the ocean began. She became the youngest to win a Brazilian pro event. and soon after becoming the youngest Brazilian to turn pro. She then went on to qualify and compete alongside surfing’s elite on the WSL Tour. Her genuine heart and spirit endear her to all she meets, known always to be the life of the party or surf session.

Why is sustainability and/or transparency important to you? How do you live these values?

Sustainability is the future, the sooner we start realizing this the sooner we can help the earth. Nature gives so much and we don’t repay nearly as much as we should, I think it's important to practice sustainability acts on our everyday lives, even if in small gestures, looking out for the planet should be an obligation not an option.

Why JuneShine as opposed to other alcohols/brands?

I love hard kombucha, the minute I tried JuneShine it was love first sip, I love the feeling of fun it brings to my life, the art used in the cans just transports me to a happy place, and every time I crack one open I'm instantly in a better mood then I was before.

When do you feel most alive?

When Im in the ocean, I love the feeling of being so small in a big world, like when you are on top of a cliff looking out and you feel so small compare to your surroundings, I love that feeling, it always gives me perspective


About Goth babe +


Pacific Northwest


Goth Babe is Griff Washburn enjoying himself.Currently living off the grid in his Ford-350 with his dog, Sadie, traveling down the Pacific coast surfing, snowboarding and climbing. As a musician he's built a loyal audience amassing over 50 millionstreams on his music and selling out major venues from LA, NYC, SF, Chicago, Portland, Seattle,Denver and appearing at major festivals such as Lollapalooza and Electric Forest.When he's not touring or outdoors, Griff is building his own tiny home in the PacificNorthwest that will double as his recording studio.Through his travels he meets incredible people, fans, other musicians and athletes as well as companies doing sustainable work in the outdoor space.


Why is sustainability and/or transparency important to you?Sustainability makes me feel more connected to this planet we call home, while also helping me feel more responsible and proactive towards making a healthier place for me and future generations.

How do you live these values?

I live in a tiny house on wheels in the mountains outside of Portland, pulling water from a well and using under 30 gallons a week. I have a composting toilet here in the tiny casa that doesn’t flush, which saves 1.5 gallons every use. The smaller house is just a smaller footprint...less lights, less materials used, and living this small means rarely needing heating or AC. I compost here on the farm and turn those leftovers and scraps into rich soil for the garden where we pull all sorts of herbs and veggies.I also do my best to keep away from single use plastics-any plastic or cardboard that ends up here we always recycle at our local dump.'

Why JuneShine as opposed to other alcohols/brands?

Kombucha makes me feel good. I’ve always loved what this magic tea does to my gut and I brew it at home already. To have an alcoholic version of my favorite beverage is like a dream come true! Having a carbonated alcoholic drink and not have the heaviness and fatigue beer leaves me with is ALSO a dream come true.

When do you feel most alive?

I feel most alive when I’m in Oregon. With the people I love, sharing experiences in a place we all love. There’s so much to explore here while still feeling like you’re at home. Surfing with good friends until the sun goes down and hitting the trails on the bikes that next morning, ya can’t beat it.


About Andrew+

Professional surfer

Malibu, CA.

I’ve spent most of my life traveling the world searching for the best and biggest waves. When I’m not traveling, I spend the summer as an LA County Ocean Lifeguard of my hometown Malibu. I am unbelievably lucky to be able to do what I do. I Love being home with family and friends, but I am most stoked traveling and surfing perfect waves around the globe. My life is connected with the ocean, and I wouldn’t have it any other way. Being a traveling surfer I see all corners of the globe. Even in the most remote places pollution is still a problem.

Why is sustainability and/or transparency important to you?Sustainability is important to me because I feel like if the world doesn’t wake up now there will be no clean oceans for future generations to enjoy. Whether or not you surf this problem affects us all, and we all need to do our part to sustain this planet.

Why JuneShine as opposed to other alcohols/brands?

JuneShine is the perfect drink for an active lifestyle. I love having a fresh, natural drink after a good session.I feel most alive in the Ocean!


About Austin +


Pacific Northwest

Growing up I traveled the country in a 37ft RV with my family for close to 10 years. With this kind of childhood, I grew a deep passion for travel and capturing images of the places that were special to me. After years and moving around, I now base out of Bend, OR but still constantly spend time behind a windshield of my truck always looking for the next adventure with my dog Chaco. Basing here in the Pacific Northwest I'm able to surf, snowboard, climb, backpack, mountain bike, and photograph the people closest to me sharing their same passions for the outdoors.

Why is sustainability and/or transparency important to you? How do you live these values? Sustainability/transparency is important to me in a company because it's what I work hard to better myself at everyday with not only my career but my life as well. I love surrounding myself with people and brands that value the same passions for bettering your work so we can all hold each other to higher standards and make the best art, product, and friendships possible. Sustainability is key for cultivating a lifestyle and a product to see it last the years as well as make things better than we found them. Transparency has always been a key factor in trust for me in people and businesses because if you're able to be transparent with a message you're better able to open it up to others for them to innovate and carry the torch.

Why JuneShine as opposed to other alcohols/brands?

I love JuneShine because of a passion to make the best product you can while enjoying the process along the way. When you find a company that not only cares about their product but how it impacts the consumer, it makes you want to go out of your way to support the ideals they have worked hard to cultivate. Plus, it's just pretty damn tasty and during/after some adventuring, it's one of my favorite ways to end the day.

When do you feel most alive?

I feel most alive when I'm out enjoying my favorite places with the people I love. I spend a lot of time with friends camping, doing outdoor activities, driving backroads, and sitting around campfires sharing stories. Equally though, I feel really alive when I'm alone in the outdoors with no service, no camera, just enjoying it by my self without the distraction of snapping photos. Sometimes I won't shoot anything and just keep that moment for myself, I feel like you should enjoy a place for yourself first and then pick up a camera to share it with others.


About Colin +

Costa Mesa, CA

Why is sustainability and/or transparency important to you?

A sustainable life is important to me for many reasons. For one, I don’t want to see the beaches I love and surf everyday filled with rubbish, so I do my best to leave nature the way I found it, to avoid using plastic as much as possible, and to recycle what I can. Above all, carry on the good word to do better by our planet.

Why JuneShine as opposed to other alcohols/brands?

I side more so with JuneShine because they’er healthier than most options of alcohol you’d find at the store, but also they’re absolutely delicious. With 6% alcohol content in each can I don’t think you could go wrong.

Why JuneShine as opposed to other alcohols/brands?

When I feel most alive, is when I’m following that dream and that vision to make it became real in the best way I can . Whether it’s surfing, hanging with friends, working on my cars, or just listening to music.


About Julian +


Los Angeles



Why is sustainability and/or transparency important to you? How do you live these values?-2020 has been the wildest year of our lives. If we don't incorporate sustainability into our daily lives then we will all be screwed. When you have such a appreciation for the ocean it's tough to see how much we toss away. I try to always reuse plastics and pick up after others if anything is left behind.

Why JuneShine as opposed to other alcohols/brands?

JuneShine has done an amazing job of cultivating a new category. Also a bunch of my friends are involved with the brand so it feels like family almost. Clean product design and a nice tasting beverage as well !

When do you feel most alive?

I love to see my ideas come to existence. The need to create, experiment, travel and be inspired by other artists


About Victoria +


Venice, CA


Victoria Smith is a full time photographer currently based in Venice, California. Growing up, Victoria stayed active playing competitive sports like soccer/volleyball and loved snowboarding Lake Tahoe during the winters. Growing a California native and having a past working in the surf industry, her style of work today fully translates a heavy influence of California lifestyle and LA fashion. Outside of photography, Victoria is her happiest visiting her family in Brazil or hanging at the beach with her friends.

Why is sustainability and/or transparency important to you? How do you live these values?

Sustainability to me is simply not being wasteful and making use of the resources I already have. For me, reusing glass jars from food I’ve already bought rather than buying ziploc bags as well as bringing my own tote bags to the grocery store instead of purchasing paper or plastic bags for my groceries is a no brainer. Going thrifting or buying clothing from consignment stores over buying fast fashion is also a big one for me. I really appreciate when clothing labels are sustainable too because there is plenty of perfectly good & unused dead-stock fabric/textiles in the world that can be used but are being wasted away via the fast fashion trend. Thankfully, the world is shifting into a more eco-friendly and sustainable wave of thinking, and soon fast fashion will be dead.


Why JuneShine as opposed to other alcohols/brands?

-I’m not much of a big drinker, but when I drink JuneShine Hard Kombucha, I’m ingesting alcohol, but I’m also ingesting probiotic benefits that are literally cleaning my gut at the same time and if that’s not innovation I don’t know what is. JuneShine is light, easy to drink, and actually has nutritional value compared to other alcoholic drinks/seltzers.

When do you feel most alive?

I feel most alive when I’m in a situation where I find myself extra small in a world so big. Whether on top of a mountain or in the water-simply being active outdoors with my friends. I also feel this way when I’m traveling to a new place I've never been before. Traveling somewhere new and unfamiliar never ceases to remind me how small I am and how big the world really is.



About Troy +

Los Angeles, CA
Disrupting the ebb and flow of an often-stale breed of musical neophytes lands Troy Kurtz as the cut above the fray. Having never been married to a particular genre or niche, he has the freedom to rely on his consummate taste to expertly serenade whichever circumstance he finds himself in. He cut his teeth in Miami where he was on demand for the busy night club circuit. Troy was frequently called on as direct support for headliners like Danny Daze, Luciano, and Richie Hawtin. He was a resident at the renowned and now defunct venues Bardot, Grand Central, and Electric Pickle. He launched the legendary Slap & Tickle party at the Electric Pickle, which would later be awarded by the Miami New Times as the best party in the city, but it was time to reach new heights and a re location to Los Angeles was in order. Tackling the sprawl of LA was no challenge, and in a short while Troy had successfully played the city’s greatest clubs from Sound and Exchange, to the Downtown warehouse raves, to day time discos at rooftop pools. His appeal was growing, and international offers saw him play in London, Barcelona, Bali, Mexico,Puerto Rico, and the Bahamas. Wanting new challenges, he leaned on his esteemed knowledge of the musical zeitgeist which led him to consult and work for music industry titans Insomniac and Red Bull for the last few years, but Troy spent rediscovering his passion for music creation and record selecting, and was most recently called upon by Coachella to play their speak-easy Disco club inside the festival. In late 2019, Troy played the inaugural Secret Project festival in Los Angeles where he shared the decks with some of the most acclaimed artists in dance music - Ben Ufo, DJ Tennis, Gerd Janson, and Jayda G.Drawing on his love for italo-disco, house, techno and electro, his arsenal of new music is transcendent and multi-faceted. With ten years of experience, Troy’s unique sound is unparalleled.

Why is sustainability and/or transparency important to you?

We only have one planet so it’s in our best interest to take care of it. Sustainability should be at the core of all of our actions. Whether that’s being conscious of single use plastic, recycling at home or picking up trash whenever you see it, you’ve gotta do your best to treat mother earth like the queen she is and respect her beauty.


Why JuneShine as opposed to other alcohols/brands?

When you back a brand you ultimately have to back the product, and I definitely love the taste and unique varieties JuneShine has to offer. Whether I’m playing at a party or having a beach day, they always go down nicely

When do you feel most alive?

The blood starts to pump whenever I’m out surfing and there’s a bit of consequence. I also really feel alive right before I’m about to play a big show. The adrenaline and endorphin rush for the two experiences are unique but always have me coming back for more.