About Kimmi +

Freediving Underwater Huntress

Maui, Hawaii

Maui’s Kimi Werner is an international champion freediver and spearfisher, conservationist, certified culinary chef, artist, and frequent host on the show, Nat Geo People. She also starred in Patagonia's film Fish People

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About Sage +

Sage is a snowboarder's snowboarder.

He won Olympic gold in slopestyle at the 2014 Sochi Games, where he used style and creativity to best a triple-corking men's field. It was a surprise to everyone – including Sage, who simply wants to snowboard on his own terms – and quickly established Sage as the exciting new face of snowboarding.Kotsenburg is at the forefront of a movement to focus on creativity and style and not just the biggest spins. His skills on the slope make you want to ride with him, and his unabashed candor make you want to be his friend.

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About Albee +

Professional Big Wave Surfer and Aerial Innovator

Maui, Hawaii / San Diego, California

"They say there are no absolutes in life; but we beg to differ. Albee Layer is 100 percent, without doubt, one of the baddest, most well-rounded surfers walking the Earth. There’s arguably not another soul on his level at this very moment." (The Inertia).

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About Nora +

Professional Skateboarder

Pembroke, Mass / Oceanside, San Diego

In June 2012, Nora Vasconcellos quit her day job, packed her bags, grabbed her skateboard and took a 71-hour train ride from Pembroke, Massachusetts to California. In less than five years, Vasconcellos became a pro team rider for Welcome Skateboards, won a World Championship, won Transworld’s Readers’ Choice Female Award and joined the Adidas’ skateboarding team.

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About Chris +

Professional Free Skier

Mammoth Lakes, California

Chris, a California native grew up skiing Mammoth Mountain, which was home to one of the first snowboard parks in the Nation. By virtue of his surroundings and peers he was heavily influenced by snowboarding and art, which seemed to shape him into one of the more stylish skiers out there. He quickly bailed on the contest scene and started chasing his true passion; deep snow and creativity. Now Chris is known for traveling the world and skiing in front of a camera. Jokingly tormented during the summer for his passion for surfing and love of climbing, he tries to stay close to home in California as much as possible where he is at peace in the mountains and in striking distance to the sea.

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About Corey +

Pacific City, Oregon

At 19-years-old, Corey dropped out of college in Eugene, Oregon, grabbed his guitar, and relocated to an eternal haven for creatives of all kinds: Venice Beach, CA. His debut EP garnered widespread acclaim from Rolling Stone and Billboard and he toured with the likes of Niall Horan, Noah Kahan, and Justin Bieber. “I’d love to inspire others to have a voice of their own and be themselves,” he leaves off. “Music did that for me. I feel like I have the opportunity to hopefully do the same thing for listeners.”

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About Kimmy

Professional Snowboarder

Mammoth Lakes, California


Kimmy learned to love the snow early – skiing at age 2 and snowboarding by age 9. She quickly found that her fearless approach to life fit perfectly with her passion for snowboarding. In 2011, Kimmy became the first female snowboarder ever to land a double backflip in both the park and the powder, a landmark achievement in the history of women’s riding. Kimmy has continued to push the levels of women’s freestyle riding in the backcountry and in August of 2012 graced the cover of Transworld Snowboarding Magainze. She was awarded Women’s Rider of the Year and Women’s Video Part of the Year in 2017 by Snowboarder Magazine. She is a vocal ambassador for Boarding For Breast Cancer and Protect Our Winters.

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About Ryan +


Oahu, Hawaii

Ryan Moss is a charismatic award winning photographer and filmmaker with a one-track mind to inspire the world by sharing his passion and love of nature through the images he creates. Born and raised along the Central Coast of California, Ryan pursued his college education in Hawaii, where he found his second home in the towering ridge lines and rippling shorelines of Hawaii. A self-educated visual artist, he draws his inspiration from the surf, mountains, people, and travel that play such an important role in his life.

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About Ben +

Pacific City, Oregon

Ben Moon is a photographer turned filmmaker who has brought to life subjects and stories in the adventure, lifestyle and music world. Ben's work has graced the pages of Patagonia catalogues for the past 16 years and he seeks to capture the beauty and authenticity of individuals in diverse landscapes around the world. He also founded a production company called Moonhouse as a platform to collaborate with friends & creatives to bring thoughtful stories to life. Most recently, he told his deeply personal story about his own battle with colorectal cancer & his relationship with his dog Denali, in a short film that has reached over 15 million people and counting. Ben now lives in Pacific City on the Oregon coast, where he continues to direct films & shoot photographs while writing a personal memoir about his journey with cancer and his time with Denali.

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About Corina +

Small Wave Connoisseur

Central Coast, CA

Corina rose is a surfer, photographer, artist and lifestyle ambassador who hails from california’s central coast. her roots lie deep in rural areas that are rich with open expanses of land & bordered by deep, unruly seas. it is from these places which she draws much of her artistic and personal inspiration, and which play an intrinsic role in her aesthetic and creative approach.


About Adam +

Story Teller / Photographer

Time Traveler / People Hugger

Human Cowbell

Huntington Beach, California

Adam Walker is a story teller, photographer, time traveler, people hugger, also known as the human cowbell. You may recognize his voice from our short films. If you were stuck on an island for the rest of your life you would 100% want Adam there to keep the vibes positive and the smiles flowing.

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About Kiana +


Kauai, Hawaii


Surfer, Long boarder, ocean enthusiast, yogini, ambassador of aloha, ukulele player, adventurer

Mantra: Pursue what you love and the rest will follow.

If I could have a super power it would be to breathe underwater


About Hank +

Professional Surfer

Hana, Maui

Surf, travel, freedive, bees, farm, forage, live sustainably, take photos and have as much fun as possible. Hank is an all around waterman, adventurer and urban farmer.

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About Lex +


This is my life's work: communicating the fleeting moments of travel, immersion in nature, and the freedom of a minimalist lifestyle. As a Creative Director working with the mediums of photography, fashion, surfing, and storytelling, I aim to share not only my experiences, but the products, destinations, and spiritual mediums promoting connection and consciousness. Every moment of every day is an opportunity to choose to live as our highest selves.

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About Orion +

San Diego, California

“Now is not forever,” is one of Orion Owen's new favorite quotes. The photographer/filmmaker suffered a tragic accident that left him in a wheel chair just two years ago, and yet, Orion still continues to produce amazing aerial content with his unique vision.

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About Lexi +

Professional Free Skier


Ojai, California

Lexi duPont is a professional skier, adventurer and outdoor enthusiast. The Sun Valley native donned her first skis at the age of two, focusing initially on ski racing before catapulting into the world of big-mountain skiing. Her career has been marked with notable first descents in the Arctic Circle’s Northernmost Tip of Svalbard Norway and across Southeast Alaska, as well as starring roles in ski films, including Warren miller’s Wintervention and the all-female documentary Pretty Faces. When she’s not chasing powder, Lexi can be found sailing, surfing, climbing, practicing yoga or relaxing in her 500-square-foot geodesic tiny home.

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About Jarett +

Oregon Coast

Born and bred in a place where the mountains meet the sea, my work is heavily inspired and driven by the natural landscape and beauty that this planet has to offer. Growing up as a commercial fishing guide's son, my love and respect for the ocean have always played a role in my life as well as my images. From fishing in the clear streams of the mountains to surfing icy cold waves, I want my images to reflect the incredible moments and memories that these places provide.

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About Vivian +


Los Angeles, California

Vivian Kim is a photographer based in Southern California, though she loves to travel and can often be found elsewhere. She is inspired by the simple, yet intricate beauty of the natural world and strives to create timeless and compelling images. Beyond photography, she loves to surf, camp, and hang out with her Aussie!

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Lily Meola

About Lily +

Maui, Hawaii

"Singer-songwriter Lily Meola may not be a household name — yet — but the fact that she has already toured and performed with Willie Nelson, and also sung with Kris Kristofferson and Jamey Johnson is impressive." (Rolling Stone)

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Blue Silk

About Blue Silk +

Our favorite new band out of Los Angeles. Blue Silk has a a unique sound with a blues rock groove and silky smooth vocals. Keep an eye out for them this summer in SoCal!


About Hilary +

Bee Keeper - Girl Next Door Honey

San Diego, California

Hilary Kearney's, Girl Next Door Honey, is more than just raw and local, it’s made in backyard hives—maybe even your neighbor’s yard! That’s the concept behind Girl Next Door Honey. We integrate bees into the local ecosystem through a network of backyard hives instead of lumping them together on some distant apiary. We like to think of it as pollinating hearts and minds.

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About Chris +

Filmmaker / Crafstman


North Shore, Oahu

Chris Miyashiro is a young filmmaker, craftsman, and board rider from the North Shore of Oahu. His debut film In Dancing Days of Dawn offers a timeless glimpse into "mowgli’s mirthful memoirs"

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About Dan +



Dan Norkunas is an award winning filmmaker and co-founder of Take Shelter Productions. His film, 'Nervous Laughter,' won 'documentary of the year' at the 2017 Surfer Poll Awards. Dan splits his time between Maui and Oregon chasing swells and snow storms with some of the best athletes in the world. His 2014 film, Attractive Distractions, is now a classic in the free surfing community.

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About Mark +



Mark McInnis is a photographer working chiefly in America’s Pacific Northwest. He’s known for bringing the natural beauty of the country’s upper left-hand corner to a wide range of clients and projects; with decades invested in the region Mark delivers the moods, emotions and landscapes of the Pacific frontier in a way few others can. His work shows the character of a still-unspoiled American territory, out of respect for which his subjects are unlabeled, tracks are covered and he mostly travels alone.

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