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All this shopping is making us thirsty

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juneshine gift guide

Let's start by saying this: the best thing you can give this season isn't a thing—it's quality time. Cheesy? Maybe. Bah-humbug all you want, but being present really is the best gift. Plus, this year went by way too fast. That said, if you still have to do some actual shopping, we got you. There's a lot of these lists going around, but here are some of our favorite things right now...

Dig into the super official, totally-unbiased JuneShine Gift Guide.

Waterproof, Bluetooth Speakers by SPEAQUA

Speaqua speakers being held up

FOR THE MUSIC LOVER. Speaqua (think speaker + aqua) is a lifestyle audio brand from San Diego, California. Inspired by worldly travel and crafted by water-faring wizards, their products are driven by the creativity and potential of the human imagination. Simply put: More Music, More Places. Performance and purposeful versatility are the brand’s driving forces for innovation. 100% waterproof and submersible. We bring their speakers literally everywhere... SHOP HERE


Badass boots from BLUNDSTONE

Blundstone Boots

THE PERSON ALWAYS ON THE GO. Know that someone who's constant on the move? Constantly doing. We all do. Maybe you're that person too. Either way, there's no denying it takes durable gear to feed that lifestyle. Nothing comes close to the comfort and dependability of Blundstone boots. Easy on/off, ultra-comfy... Need we say more? Our brewing team swears by 'em daily.  Maybe you watched our little collab video? They can handle anything and everything—and they last forever. Oh, and did we mention they just came out with vegan options... SHOP HERE


Hemp Clothing by JUNGMAVEN

Jungmaven clothing

FOR THE EVER-ACTIVE ENVIRONMENTALIST. Fashion is a form of activism: what we choose to wear says both who we are and what we stand for. Being 'Jung' means making a conscious, daily choice to heal the planet with your actions. Our friends at JUNGMAVEN grew from roots of simplicity and sustainability. They specialize in hemp clothing and are passionate about putting a stop to clear-cutting practices that devastate the planet. All their stuff is soft, crazy comfy, and versatile... SHOP HERE 


An Electric Motorbike from PEDAL

PEDAL electric motorbike

THE GOOD-NATURED GEAR JUNKIE. Earth is changing. Landscapes, climate, and oceans—all urgently asking us for a break. For. help. Thanks to their incredible electric motorbike, PEDAL offers alternative ways to exist and adventure on this planet that lowers carbon emissions and amplifies the adventure both near and far. Their two-wheeled fun machines are meant to last and live through the wear and tear of daily use on any terrain. PEDAL is a proud partner of 1% For the Planet — meaning 1% of all sales go directly to organizations fostering climate change solutions worldwide. Experience nature's playgrounds from a different perspective and feel damn good doing it... SHOP NOW



Grove Collaborative House goodsFOR THE HOMEBODY. Know that someone who takes great pride in their humble abode? Get 'em something from Grove Collaborative to help transform their home (and the world). Grove Collaborative is a curation of over 150 sustainable, high-performing brands centered around bring uncompromisingly healthy, beautifully effective, ethically produced, and cruelty-free. They make and sell products that go easy on the Earth, so we don't have to choose between a clean home and clean planet. So good right? Here in 2021, they're 100% plastic neutral with a goal of being 100% plastic-free by 2025... SHOP HERE



Valley Cruise Press blankets

THE CREATIVE COLLECTOR. Valley Cruise Press was founded by Ted and Kelley Feighan—spouses with a passion for comfort and creativity. A force for good, Valley Cruise Press brings the work of talented illustrators to life. Their throw blankets are seriously the most fun things ever—depicting lush, tropical flora and serene shapes. They donate 1% of all purchases to organizations that support sustainability and social justice... SHOP HERE 


Well folks, there you have it. When all else fails, get 'em some Junies. Pro-Tip: Grab a few extras and deliver them yourself. This way you can at least catch a buzz while laughing at how hard some people are to shop for.